Table 7.16.


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  • Sea-/river-bed sampling tool deployed from a survey vessel;

  • The vibrocore frame/vibrator and sampler is lowered to sea-/river-bed using a suitable deck mounted crane or winch;

  • Near-continuous sediment sample;

  • 75 mm and 102 mm diameter;

  • 3–5, 6 m samples per day depending on sea state/bed conditions.

  • Investigation of sea and river sediments;

  • Obtain disturbed and intact geotechnical and geoenvironmental samples.

  • Not suitable for granular, very coarse grained, very dense or hard soils;

  • Poor core recovery in loose granular and very soft soils.

Cost factor: medium to high depending on size of survey vessel
Relevance to glacial/periglacial depositsSuitable for sampling glaciolacustrine deposits and massive diamicton till sequences that are not over-consolidated in the marine and nearshore environment.