Table B2.7.

Digital mapping data from the common sensors

SensorHorizontal resolutionHorizontal accuracyVertical accuracyScene sizeData collected
ASTER30 m50 m15–30 m60 km×60 kmSince 1999
SRTM3 Arc seconds (90 m)50 m15 m1° lat×1°Acquired 2000
SPOT20 m15 m10–15 m60 km×60 kmSince 2002
IKONOS1–2 m1–2 m*1–2 m*11 km×11 kmSince 2000
WorldView-20.5 m1–2 m*1–2 m*16.4 km×16.4 km2009
GeoEye-10.5 m1–2 m*1–2 m*15 km×15 km2008
Airborne LiDAR0.5 m0.5 m0.10–0.25 mDependent on area of interestOn demand
  • *Dependent on the supply of Differential GPS (Global Positioning System) points.