Table 1.

Bedrock geology: factors affecting ground conditions

Geological formationGeohazardPotential source of contaminationPotential pathwayPotential barrierPotential receptor
Lias GroupLandslides; shrink–swell clayNoFissure flow in limestone bedsYes
Penarth GroupLandslides; shrink–swell clayNoYesMinor aquifer
Mercia Mudstone GroupCollapse of workings in gypsumSulphate from gypsumYes
Sneinton FormationNoFissure flowNoMajor aquifer
Nottingham Castle Sandstone FormationCollapse of cavesNoFissure flowNoMajor aquifer
Lenton Sandstone FormationNoFissure flowNoMajor aquifer
Cadeby FormationKarstic featuresCarbon dioxideSolution-widened fissuresNoMajor aquifer
Coal MeasuresCollapse of workings, entrancesMethane, acid mine drainageFissure flow; old workingsYesMinor aquifer